A fast, AI-powered alternative to VEED to edit premium videos

Submagic is an AI software exactly like Veed.io… or close to being the same! Loads of features differ from those two AI tools. So, if you’re a content creator, business, or video editor looking to spruce up your content, look no further!

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2x Faster Than VEED

You’re on a time crunch and need to edit your video quickly. We get it. With SubMagic, you can edit your entire video in five minutes or less– way faster than you can edit your content with VEED.


3x More Automated

Whether you’re editing a TikTok, YouTube Short, Instagram Reel, or long-form video, our AI-enabled video editor does it all. Create attention-grabbing content in minutes.


Adapted to every need

We know that all content creators are different. We have a plan to fit your needs and budget, from individuals to enterprises and everyone in between.

Submagic vs. Veed.io




Export Quality (Maximum) 4K
User Friendly Online Editor
Archive and Folder Management
Brand Kit
Make changes after downloading the video
Create and save your own templates for different
AI Captions
AI Emojis
Top-Notch Customer Support
Languages Available

Submagic in action

Submagic and VEED.IO are both efficient video editors that make your videos shine. Are you now wondering if Submagic is the best platform for your needs? Watch this video, because you'll realize it is!
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"Submagic's Auto Accurate Captions feature has been a game-changer. The precision with which it generates captions is remarkable, saving us time and ensuring that our videos are accessible to a broader audience. The automatic syncing of captions with the spoken words is seamless, allowing us to focus on the creative aspect without worrying about accuracy."

— Emmanuel O.

Why do creators choose Submagic over VEED app

Utilize a single software for all your video editing needs. 👊

Compared to other alternatives, all editing features your need are on one platform, saving you time and money.

Create custom videos. 🧡

Submagic gives you the possibility to add your branding in one click. Editing videos with AI is good, but editing it with your brand's guidelines is better!

Quickest tool in the market.  ⚡

Well, 2 minutes to be more precise. This is the time needed to get subtitles, stock footage, transitions, and sound effects on your video.

The happiest customers. 🔥

Our team and services are dedicated to giving the best experience to creators. Here's the challenge: try to find a bad review of Submagic online!

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Submagic vs VEED.io: Which editing software is right for me?

With so many fantastic video editing tools on the market, choosing the best tool for your needs can take time. Do you choose VEED.io? Or would SubMagic be a better choice for you?

To help you answer those questions, we’ve done the hard part of researching and comparing VEED and SubMagic for you. Let’s look at some of VEED’s and SubMagic’s common features and compare them.

Subtitles and Captions

Winner: Submagic

If you want to create a video that your audience will watch from beginning to end, you need to add subtitles and captions. To add captions to your video, you need a video editing tool, preferably one that automatically adds them. 🧡

Both SubMagic and VEED have the capabilities to caption your video content. With SubMagic, captions are generated automatically upon the initial upload of your video. And it takes no time, as in just 30 seconds for every minute of your video. VEED does not generate captions upon the initial upload. So, if you want to add captions, you’ll need to search for that function in the editor interface.

Another difference between VEED and SubMagic is the availability of various captioning styles. Compared to VEED, SubMagic offers more variety in caption style. The SubMagic team spends significant time analyzing current trends so you can be sure your content stays fresh and current.

Not looking to create something new? No problem. SubMagic offers preset templates from big-time content creators in just one click. All you have to do is change the font’s colors to match your personal brand, and you’re set! 

Ease of Use and Interface

Winner: Submagic

No one wants a video editing tool that requires a degree in rocket science to use. Both SubMagic and VEED understand that simplicity and ease of use are important to users, especially those using the tool daily. 🤝

Both editing interfaces are user-friendly and intuitive, which makes video editing accessible for beginners and pros alike. 

AI Features

Winner: Submagic

AI is changing the way creators create and edit their content. Both SubMagic and VEED have paired AI with their video editing tools. Let’s take a look at a few AI features of both of these editing tools:

- Auto subtitle generation: Both VEED and SubMagic allow for AI-generated subtitles. With one click, AI analyzes your videos to convert speech to text.

- Auto Trim: Both VEED and SubMagic can automatically trim your video and remove the silent parts. This is helpful for keeping the viewer engaged and staying within the time limit on various social media platforms.

- Magic B-rolls: One feature that SubMagic offers that VEED does not is AI-enabled magic B-rolls. B-roll footage can help break up your video to keep your audience’s attention. 

Customer Support and Community

Winner: Submagic!

Whether you’re a seasoned video editor or a beginner, there’s nothing quite like having a supportive community you can lean on to ask questions, discuss trends, and learn new techniques.

VEED offers users extra support through blog posts, newsletters, and a learning center. With SubMagic, though, you can access an active Discord community of like-minded content creators. Have a question that you need the SubMagic team to answer? Ask it. You’ll receive a detailed response in six minutes or less– even on the weekends!

And don’t forget about the SubMagic Academy or the comprehensive how-to guides on the SubMagic blog. If you need support, SubMagic has you covered.


Winner: Veed.io

Cost is often a significant factor in purchasing a video editing tool subscription. Let’s compare and contrast the VEED and SubMagic pricing plans. 🧡

Veed Pricing:
Ideal Starter Plan: $18/month
Pro: $30/month
Business: $59/month for up to five people
Enterprise: Contact VEED for more information.

It’s important to note that each subscription to VEED is billed yearly. So, you want to understand everything there is to know about this editing tool before purchasing. Sign up for a free trial for a more in-depth look at VEED.

SubMagic Pricing:
Starter: $20/month
Growth: $50/month
Business: $150/month
Enterprise: Contact SubMagic for more information.

SubMagic offers two ways to pay. You can choose a recurring monthly subscription or pay for the entire year in advance. The choice is entirely up to you. While SubMagic is a little more costly than VEED, you’re also paying for high-quality editing features, 24/7 support, and access to a robust community of content creators. Sign up for a free trial to test out SubMagic.


Winner: Submagic

Creating video content doesn’t have to be a one-person endeavor. Collaboration with your team members to edit and create the perfect videos has never been easier.

SubMagic offers a collaborative workspace for unlimited users in every paid plan. Whether a small business or a large enterprise, collaborating with your team is so easy.

VEED, on the other hand, allows you to collaborate with up to five other people on the business plan alone. 


Winner: Submagic

When comparing editing tools, it’s always helpful to look at online reviews from real people. 😉

On TrustPilot, VEED has a 4.4 /5 rating.
SubMagic has a 4.8/rating.

Here are reviews from real users:

“I've been using it for about 12 months for many of my customers. The team is super responsive. The updates always bring something great. The UI is easy to use and simple to understand. There are a lot of customization options, so you can make every video stand out. All in all, I'm very satisfied with my experience so far!” – Alex Stavru, Trustpilot.

“Overall, it is fine as a simple video editing platform. My biggest complaint is the slow lag time and freezing that happens on and off. It seems to happen more late at night, but now it is happening even in the daytime. I have to constantly reload or close the browse and reopen it. It really wastes my time trying to get things done :(“ – Tina Walderman, Trustpilot.

The Final Verdict: VEED.io or Submagic? 🥇

Ultimate Winner: Submagic

Both VEED and SubMagic are excellent video editing tools. While VEED does offer a wide range of features, many users comment that some features are not fully developed. This leads to bugs, crashes, confusion, and wasted time. 

SubMagic is the better video editing software. SubMagic is faster and more efficient. Plus, the SubMagic team has spent (and continues to spend) a significant amount of time reaching current video editing trends to keep the editor up-to-date with video editing demands.

Ready to try out SubMagic for yourself? Sign up for a free trial. 🤝

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is VEED?

VEED is an AI-powered video editing software. Users can access the video editing software online or through the Google Play or App stores.

Can I use VEED for free?

Yes, you can use VEED for free. With the free version, you can make basic edits to your video, like adding text and filters. Your final video will have the VEED watermark (you won’t be able to remove it), and you’ll sacrifice video quality for a lower resolution.

Is VEED.io safe?

VEED is 100% safe.

How to cancel VEED subscription?

To cancel your subscription to VEED, access “Team Billing” in your account and turn off “auto-renewal.” It’s important to note canceling your subscription does not make you eligible for a refund. 

If VEED doesn’t support your video editing needs, try SubMagic for free.

Is VEED good?

Yes, VEED is a good video editing tool. VEED offers various editing features, including automatic subtitling, removing background noise, and adding music and sounds.

However, if you want to edit your video faster and get a better result, try SubMagic. 

Is Submagic better than VEED io for short videos?

It depends on your needs. If you want to auto-add subtitles to shorts on TikTok and YouTube or Reels on Instagram, Submagic is the best subtitle tool in 2023. This is the best alternative for veed.io. You can easily add professionalism to your videos quickly with the best subtitles you could find on the caption market. If you are looking for more features, such as trimming your video or editing long videos, VEED offers it! It's worth trying both video editors, but if you want to know our answer, you will prefer Submagic above many other veed alternatives! Not because it's our tool, but because this subtitling tool has been made with our users since day 1! We build the product with you.

How many languages does VEED support for my subtitles?

VEED supports subtitles in 100 languages with unparalleled accuracy. If your language is not available on VEED, you can always try its VEED.io alternative called Submagic. Choose from 50 languages for your subtitles. From commonly spoken languages like Italian and French to less widespread ones like Tamil and Thai, our subtitling software ensures your content is accessible to a diverse global audience.

Is VEED available on a Desktop PC?

Veed.io is an online tool available and responsive on both desktop (PC) and mobile! Launch your favorite browser and start using VEED easily! Other veed io alternatives are online and responsive for mobile and PC, such as Submagic.co. This subtitle editor will generate subtitles in minutes with the magic of AI.

What are the best VEED competitors?

Submagic is the best VEED competitor. Submagic adds trendy and stylish subtitles in 3 three clicks so that your content creation process is optimized. Isn't that wonderful?

What is the difference between subtitles and closed captions?

Subtitles, closed captions, and hardcoded subtitles serve the common purpose of providing text-based content for audiovisual media, but they differ in their implementation. Subtitles display a translated or transcribed text on-screen for viewers who understand the language spoken. Closed captions offer additional accessibility by including sound effects and speaker identification, catering to hearing-impaired audiences. Hardcoded subtitles are permanently embedded in the video, while the others can be toggled on or off during playback.

Can I create Alex Hormozi and Ali Abdaal subtitles style with VEED?

No, you can't create subtitles in the Ali Abdaal or Alex Hormozi style using Submagic. However, you can with Submagic! This VEED alternative offers more than 3 subtitling templates that match Alex Hormozi's unique subtitle style and animations and one for Ali Abdaal's subtitle style. In just one click, you can create subtitles as your favorite content creator. If you're not into Hormozi subtitle style, we've got you covered with other subtitle templates.