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Video subtitling service: AI-powered online tool

According to recent reports, 80% of social media users watch videos without sound. Hence, adding subtitles to your TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube videos is a fantastic way to make sure that viewers understand your message!

Cost-effective and fast subtitling service
Have you ever dreamt of adding stylish subtitles to your video as quickly as Flash? Count 35 seconds of generation for a 1-minute video with Submagic! Whether you create videos for your business, clients, or personal brand, this AI will let you focus on what you do best and make you avoid spending time on harsh, time-consuming tasks!

Boost reach with subtitles
Make SEO-friendly videos by adding subtitles to your video. Social media algorithms only show videos that make their users stay longer. Adapt them to make them as understandable as possible for algorithms with text and subtitles on your video.

The most accurate AI subtitling tool in the market
Submagic is well known for its outstanding accuracy. Using this web app, you can expect a 98.8% accuracy in over 50+ languages. The bonus? You can improve the AI speech subtitling system by adding your vocabulary to Submagic’s dictionary (brand, names…). 🧡

Add subtitles to your video in 3 simple steps

1- Upload your video for free
Click on “Create my video”, choose the language, and name your project. Once done, click “upload” and wait for the magic generation to happen!

2- Customize your subtitles
Once your subtitles are generated, review the transcription and choose your favorite subtitle style on the ‘captions’ page. Personalize each setting to perfectly match your brand color and tone.

3- Download your video
That’s all! Just click “export”(top right of your page) and post your video on social media. Start seeing results and more engagement with this new editing style!
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How to use Submagic to add subtitles to your video?

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Add subtitles in 50+ languages

With fantastic accuracy in all languages (98.8%), you can now use a subtitling tool that supports and transcribes well in your language!
No manual video transcription anymore
5-star transcription accuracy for all languages
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Use the hottest subtitle designs, created by top creators

Famous content creators and top video editors collaborate with us to create the most engaging subtitle templates that are proven to boost video engagement. 🔥
20+ subtitle styles that increase your views
Add emojis, highlight keywords with GIFs and images
Subtitle templates used by Grant Cardone, Ali Abdaal, and other big creators
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Bring contextual elements with visual hooks

Subtitles are part of a visual hook. They let your viewers focus on dynamic elements and increase the retention rate of your video.

A 2-second hook title will engage your audience fully with contextual and visual elements at the beginning of your video! 🧡
Auto-generation of the text (AI)
Customize your hook title in 1 click
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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add subtitles to a video?

There are different ways to add subtitles to your video, butthe most effective one is to use an AI subtitling editor like Submagic. Simply go to, upload your video, and click “upload”!

How to edit subtitles on my video?

You can add subtitles on CapCut or Premiere Pro, but customizing them will take time. On Submagic,it takes minutes. Go to the “captions” page and correct your subtitles that have been generated automatically.

What is the best AI to add subtitles to my videos?

Above all editors, Submagic stands out with its accuracy, rapidity, and subtitle design. You can try it for free!