Generate fancy Zooms

Highlights the video’s message key moments with accurate zoom-in effects. The best part? It’s so simple to use that you will never get lost.

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Add two impacting zoom-in effects

We asked famous content creators about the best zoom-in effects in the market and found two different zooms loved for their engagement boost. 😉
Zoom fast up to +25% for 0.5 second
Zoom slow up to +25% for 3 seconds
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Generate smart zooms on your video in 1 click

Stop spending hours creating smooth zoom-in effects on Premiere Pro or CapCut. Thanks to AI, you can now do it in one click!
Auto zoom adapts itself to the video resolution (vertical, horizontal…)
Focus on the middle of the screen
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How to generate zoom-in effects with AI using Submagic

1. Upload your video and find the “B-rolls” page
Upload your video and wait for the captions generation, which takes 1 minute. Then, click on the “B-rolls” page.

2. Click on “Magic B-rolls”
The “Magic B-rolls” button adds zoom-in effects, and b-rolls in a few seconds, with transitions. You can still manually add zooms by clicking on the “+” sign in the subtitle line you want!

3. Download your video
Once done, you’re good to go. Click on “export” at the top right of your screen. As easy as that!
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Top 3 reasons why you should add zoom-in effects to your video

There is this famous filter on TikTok that zooms on your head until it covers the entire screen. It’s fun and, most importantly, adds a different atmosphere to the video. In fact, zoom-in video editing isn’t an ordinary effect. But why are zoom-in effects essential in video editing in 2024? 🤔

Highlight key moments with zooms
Incorporating zooms in your video allows you to highlight specific elements by captivating the viewer’s attention with visuals.
Whether it's highlighting a key object or a facial expression, zooming in directs the viewer's attention precisely where you want it, when you want it. 🔥

Also, zooming in on important moments can enhance viewer engagement and video retention by creating a more immersive experience. The movement captures attention and maintains interest. Viewers are less likely to scroll down to watch other content. This is why you can see a zoom effect within the first seconds of the video; It works as a visual hook!

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Have questions?

Can I add zoom-in effects to the B-rolls I generate on Submagic?

Definitely! You can add progressive or fast zooms on your original video or even on the B-rolls you generate directly on Submagic.

Is the auto-zoom feature of Submagic free?

Yes! You can use Zoom in 1 click for free! Simply upload your video and go to the “B-rolls” page.