Generate B-Roll to your videos with AI

Increase your video engagement by +25% by adding accurate B-Roll to your videos.

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Generate royalty-free videos B-roll with AI

Become a wizard in content creation by generating stunning B-rolls for your video in only one click. The “Magic B-rolls” feature is a revolution in the video editing industry;  don’t miss out! 😉
4.5 millions free-to-use B-rolls available
B-roll generation with an accuracy of 99%
Support of 50+ languages
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Import your own B-roll easily

Do you need to add the B-rolls you’ve recorded and then create great transitions? Good news, this is possible on Submagic. Start making your video unique in 2 click.
Upload your licensed B-Roll in one minute
Easy-to-use and friendly interface
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Add transitions and sounds effects to B-roll

Once B-rolls are added, your goal is to create a seamless switch between your A-roll and B-roll. That's why you need transitions and sound effects! At Submagic, they are added automatically! 🤝
Generate 8+ trendy sound effects
Add fancy transitions between your clips
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How to generate B-roll with AI using Submagic

1. Upload your video and find the “B-rolls” page
Upload your video and wait for the captions generation, which takes 1 minute. Then, click on the “B-rolls” page.

2. Click on “Magic B-rolls”
The “Magic B-rolls” button adds b-rolls in a few seconds, with transitions. You can still manually add B-rolls by clicking on the “+” sign in the subtitle line you want!

3. Download your video
Once done, you’re good to go. Click on “export” at the top right of your screen. As easy as that!
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Top 3 reasons why you should absolutely add Magic B-rolls to your videos

Imagine watching a horror movie with primary footage only. This means not seeing where the danger comes from, no dramatic tension, and no storytelling. Boring, isn’t it?
Well, it can be the same with your videos. 🤔

1- Avoid monotony
B-Rolls refer to the secondary footage; they are on your video to add depth and context to your message. Highlighting key moments, Magic B-Rolls boost dynamism and increase viewer retention. They prevent monotony and keep your audience engaged.
2- Highlight key points
Magic B-rolls are a powerful tool to highlight critical points in your message. Rather than relying solely on verbal communication, a B-roll emphasizes key concepts and allows a better understanding of your audience. 🔥

3- Add contextual visuals
B-rolls can offer additional information whether you're telling a story, explaining a concept, or narrating a journey. Those are called contextual B-roll footage. This visual context contributes to a more immersive and enjoyable viewing experience, creating a stronger connection between your content and the audience.
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Have questions?

Can I add transitions to my own B-rolls?

Sure thing! Add your own B-roll, and then you can choose the transition you want to create a dynamic switch.

Is Submagic a free AI B-roll generator?

Yes! You can use this feature for free! Simply upload your video and go to the “B-rolls” page.