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Transcribe video to text and add subtitles with a 98.8% accuracy in 50+ languages.

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High-speed transcription service: AI-powered video-to-text converter

Don’t make any effort in video transcription anymore! You can now automatically transcribe video to text with AI in seconds. Yes, in seconds! 

Convert video to text to increase reach
Write the transcription in the description of your video to boost discoverability on YouTube or Google. You can also add subtitles to your video to create accessible content for your audience. Social media algorithms love this and will reward you by showing your video to a wider audience.🧡
The best video-to-text transcription accuracy in the market
Submagic is well known for its video-to-text transcription accuracy. With a 98.8% reliability in all languages available, your video is ready to go in minutes. 

Use this converter for every type of video
Join a community of 1M+ creators and businesses using Submagic for various videos. From interviews, podcasts, and ads to Reels, this video-to-text converter helps you transcribe your content easily. 

Convert video to text in 3 easy steps

1- Upload your video
Click on 'Create my video now', upload your MP4 or .MOV video, and choose the language of the video. Once it’s done, let the magic happen and see your captions generated in 30 seconds.

2- Auto-transcribe your video with subtitles
Wait a few seconds to get your transcript generated, as well as your video subtitles. You can customize your text in different ways to fit your brand voice and color. Edits will appear instantly on your video preview.

3- Proofread and export your video
Correct and edit the text if needed. Then download your transcription by exporting the complete video with subtitles or by downloading the transcription in .TXT format. Share your video to your colleagues after the exportation with a video preview.
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Effortlessly convert video to text in 50+ languages

An AI tool that supports your language is great, but an accurate one is better! Submagic is your next favorite video-to-text caption to add to your business content tool panel.
No manual video transcription anymore
5-star transcription accuracy for all languages
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Generate subtitles instantly with video transcription

More than a text to video converter, Submagic is an AI video editing tool. Add subtitles to your videos in seconds, with trendy subtitle templates top creators and businesses use online! 😎
20+ trendy subtitles that boost your views
Add emojis and highlight keywords
Easy caption customization (colour, stroke, position)
Add text to my video for free

Rapid and cost-effective video to text converter

Patience has its limits, and Submagic understood it! This tool generates your video transcription is less than 1 minute.

The bonus? It’s about quality – you can improve the transcription system by putting you own vocabulary in your “AI dictionary”.🧡
Convert video into text in 35 seconds (for a 1-mn video)
Add your custom words (brands, names…)
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Frequently Asked Questions

CanI convert video to text for free?

While the vast majority of video to text converters are not free, Submagic offers you 3 videos for free each month.

CanI get a text from a video?

Absolutely, and this has never been easier! AI web apps like Submagic convert your video to text quickly.

Can ChatGPT convert video to text?

Yes! ChatGPT can transcribe your video using AI video-to-text converters, which you can find online. Submagic is the best ChatGPT video transcription alternative.

How do I turn a video into text?

You have 2 ways to turn your video into text. The first one is to choosea human transcription service. The second, much cheaper and quicker, is to usean online video to text converter such as Submagic!

What software converts video to text?

Submagic is a free video to text AI (artificial intelligence) tool that can create an accurate transcription from your videos in over 50+ languages. Try this out now!

What is the best video-to-text converter?

Submagic is the best video to text converter tool you can find online. With its rapidity and top-notch accuracy, your video will be transcribed in minutes.