Add  Background Music to your video

Enhance your video dynamism with music on Submagic.
The best part? You can add music to your video in 1 click.

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More than 10,000 pieces of music for your video

From Lo-Fi and corporate to pop and reggae songs, you can find music backgrounds that fit your brand’s message and voice tone. Good news: you can even add your own music to your videos online using Submagic. 🤝
Choose between 10,000 music
Royalty-free audio
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Add your own background song to your video

Do you have copyrighted music you would love to add to your videos? This is possible with Submagic. With this, you add a unique touch to your clips! 😉
Upload your own music in one click
Adjust the volume for each audio
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How to add your own music background using Submagic

1. Upload your video and find the “Publish” page
Upload your video and wait for the captions generation, which takes 1 minute. Then, click on the “Publish” page.

2. Click on “Add music”  
The “Music” field allows you to add licensed background music in a few seconds. Then adjust the volume of your video to fit perfectly with the speaker audio.

3. Export your video
Once done, you’re good to go. Click on “export” at the top right of your screen. As easy as that!
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Top 3 reasons why you should absolutely add Magic B-rolls to your videos

What would the film Interstellar be without music and Hans Zimmer? Less engaging and boring, isn’t it? 🤔

1- Set the tone
You set the tone and atmosphere by adding music to videos. Bring them to your mood and make them understand your feelings so your audience gets your key message. The right musical choice can establish the desired tone, so use the correct song to make it happen!

2- Add an emotional impact
Music brings to mind emotions and improves the emotional impact of your video and, most importantly, the message. Whether you want to create a sense of excitement, nostalgia, or drama, the right music can intensify the emotional resonance. 🔥

3- Improve the engagement of your video
Your goal when posting a video online is to make your viewers forget they are watching a video.  With a well-chosen music, you can achieve this!
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Have questions?

How to add background music to YouTube shorts?

You can add music to YouTube shorts using an AI video editor like Submagic! 

Can I add a song to videos online? 

Yes! You can add music to videos online using Submagic.

Can I add music to videos for free?

You can add background music to videos for free and online using Submagic.