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The easiest caption generator for your videos

Adding captions to your videos can increase viewer interest by up to 80%! Don't miss out on this opportunity to captivate your audience and elevate your content with professional and accurate subtitles. This software offers the ultimate auto caption generator that will elevate your video quality on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Thanks to cutting-edge AI (artificial intelligence) technology, Submagic ensures the accuracy of your captions, meeting and even exceeding your expectations.
This powerful caption tool transcribes your audio into professional-looking videos, perfect for creating shorts and reels. Whether in MP4 or MOV formats (ideal for Apple Quicktime movie files), you can enhance your content with high-quality captions. Experience the difference Submagic makes and take your videos to new heights with captivating and accurate captions that keep your audience engaged. Get the best auto caption generator that supports 48 languages.

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Add subtitles online: Upload your MP4 or MOV. video file

First, let this subtitle maker generate your captions in 1 minute. Submagic allows you to upload your video in MP4 or in MOV. (used for Apple Quicktime movie file) formats. Upload your video by clicking “create my video now”; “Click or Drag/Drop to upload your video”; choose your languages in over 48+ languages. Once it’s done, let the magic happen and see your captions being generated in 30 seconds.

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Edit Subtitles: Edit text, change font color and add animated emojis

Edit your captions with loads of ways. Color captions, add emojis, choose the subtitle font and animation you want in 1 click. Edits will appear on your video in real time!

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Download your video with automatic captions

You can download your video by clicking 'Export.' Download your video easily from your desktop or mobile. If you have to proofread before downloading your video, you can do that as well! Simply save your project and leave the page.

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How to use a caption generator online? (Complete guide)

Auto generate trendy subtitles in minutes

Clarify your complex video content and make your videos accessible to all in one click

With Submagic's precision caption generator, intricate ideas become clear in your videos. Add complex keywords that enhance comprehension and build trust with your audience. Accurate captions convey complex concepts with authority, leaving a lasting impact. Visual such as emojis, cater to diverse learning styles, benefiting visual learners and promoting knowledge retention. Viewers can control their learning process, pausing or rewinding to review challenging sections, leading to higher engagement. Submagic ensures accessible and inclusive content, bridging gaps for all audiences. By clarifying complex content, you enhance viewer understanding and the overall impact of your videos. 🚀
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Add stylish subtitles and emojis in minutes, just like your preferred content creators

Alex Hormozi captions, Iman Gadzhi subtitles… you all know them. When you’re watching shorts/ reels with these trendy and original subtitles, you always read them. At Submagic, we offer you the possibility to replicate them in 2 clicks and then modify them the way you want. Isn’t it amazing? With this brand-new AI-powered tool, you can stop struggling with time-consuming tasks when it comes to creating stylish captions. Start saving hours of work each week with us now!

Elevate your online presence and reach a broader audience with Submagic's caption generator tool

In our digital era, effective search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to maximize the impact of your message. Customize captions with relevant keywords to improve search engine visibility and rankings on Tiktok, Youtube, Instagram and so forth. The searchable text in captions enhances discoverability, reaching a wider audience and attracting organic traffic. The algorithm detects this accessibility and naturally boost your videos. Elevate your creative expression while boosting your video's reach and impact with Submagic's SEO-optimized captions. Utilize Submagic to elevate your online presence, captivate viewers, and leave a lasting impression with optimized captions. By ensuring accuracy, accessibility, and flexibility, captions enhance viewer comprehension and contribute to a more engaging and impactful content experience. 🧡
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Submagic free to use?

While it’s not (see our plans in the "pricing page", you have access to 3 free credits for a preview version, so that you know if it fits with your needs. The only thing you have to do is to create an account and upload your first video.

How do I check the accuracy of my captions?

Once uploading your video, you have access to a confidence tool that highlights low confidence words in orange, so that you don’t miss any mistakes.

What is the retention rate of my video?

A video's retention rate shows the percentage of people who watch the entire video. It tells us how much viewers like the content and stay engaged until the end. A higher retention rate means more people are interested and enjoy the video. By keeping an eye on the retention rate, content creators can see how well their videos capture and hold the audience's attention, helping them improve their content for better viewer satisfaction. In simple terms, a retention rate of 15-20% is considered outstanding and shows that your videos are connecting well with your audience.