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We see subtitles on YouTube and across social media. Adding Thai subtitles helps deepen audience engagement. Simply upload your video file, then sit back as the voice recognition software turns the audio into text before inserting the text into the video as Thai captions.

Submagic is so easy to use that Thai captions will be integrated into your videos in no time. Create globally accessible content by automatically converting your videos to text. Ensure that your audience can watch your content even on mute.

How to use this AI auto subtitle generator 

1- Upload your video
Click on 'Create my video now', upload your video, and choose the language of the video. Once it’s done, let the magic happen and see your captions generated in 30 seconds.

2- Edit your subtitles
You can customize your captions in different ways. Color subtitles, add emojis, choose the subtitle font and animation you want in 1 click. Edits will appear on your video in real time with this AI subtitle generator!

3- Export your video
Export your video with the subtitles by clicking on 'Download'. You can export your first videos for free.
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How to produce Thai Subtitles

Best auto-caption accuracy in the market

Don’t spend hours modifying your subtitles! If our AI system doubts the accuracy of your auto-generated subtitles, your words will get highlighted in orange. 🧡
Subtitle accuracy of 99,5%
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Add fancy subtitle templates in one click

Simplify your content creation process with rapid AI-powered Thai subtitles. Submagic allows you to produce top-notch videos without transcribing manually!
Add stylish templates in one click
Thirty seconds generation for a one-minute video

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the translation of subtitles in Thai?

The translation of subtitles in Thai is "คำบรรยาย". Thai subtitles are essential for reaching Thai-speaking audiences and improving accessibility to your video content. 🧡

How accurate is Submagic's Thai subtitling tool?

Submagic's Thai subtitling tool provides efficient subtitle generation with minimal waiting time. Submagic's accuracy for captions is the best on the market. 98.8%!

Are there any standout options for adding captions to videos for free?

Yes, Submagic is a standout option for adding captions to videos for free. Our platform offers precise captioning for Thai videos without any charge.