Add Images & GIFS to your video

Add accurate photos and GIFs to your videos with this simple editor. The best part? It takes 1 minute!

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Generate GIFs and images in one click

Don’t try to find the perfect timing to add a photo to your video timeline anymore! AI does it for you. The “Magic B-rolls” feature revolutionizes video creation by adding images automatically, no matter your language. 😉
4.5 million free-to-use images available
20,000 ready-to-use GIFs
Image generation with an accuracy of 99%
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Add your own images easily

Do you want to add your own images? It has never been easier using Submagic. Add your own touch to fit your branding, and personalize your content in two clicks.
Personalize your video with unique images
Add a fancy transition on your GIF and photo for a smooth apparition
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How to add photos and GIFs to videos using Submagic?

1. Upload your video and find the “B-rolls” page
Upload your video and wait for the captions generation, which takes 1 minute. Then, click on the “B-rolls” page.

2. Click on “Magic B-rolls”
The “Magic B-rolls” button adds photos and GIFs to your video in a few seconds, with transitions. You can still manually add images and GIFS by clicking on the “+” sign in the subtitle line you want!

3. Export your video
Once done, you’re good to go. Click on “export” at the top right of your screen. As easy as that!
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Top 3 reasons you should add images to your video

Ever wondered why your favorite videos aren't as engaging as you expect? Well, it's all about spicing things up with images and GIFs. When creating video content online, you must spend time on your visuals. Believe me or not, it's a game-changer. 😎

1- Increase engagement and retention rate
Photos and GIFs don't just stand there to look good. They actively grab your audience's attention. Put them strategically, and your viewers will be hooked throughout the video. They'll be more likely to continue watching your video longer, consequently increasing the retention rate of your video and being a positive sign for the social media's algorithm!
2- Add visual context to what you say
Imagine describing an event that happened to you without actually showing the event and what happened there. Tricky, right? Images and GIFs do the job; adding your words sometimes can't. With images, your audience gets it instantly. After all, a picture says more than a thousand words, right? 🔥

3- Add a humorous and friendly tone
We all love a good laugh. Add some funny GIFs or images, and your video can add new emotions to your audience. Humor humanizes your brand and always creates a friendly atmosphere. Bring your viewers positive feelings, and they will let you know.
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Have questions?

Can I add royalty-free images?

Of course, we provide you with libraries of royalty-free images and GIFs from Pexels & Giphy. You can also upload your own images to Submagic.

Can I add logos to my video?

Yes, you can upload your logo in PNG or JPG format to your video and have it appear throughout the entire video. This will help enhance your video's branding and highlight your brand.

Can I change the size and positions of my images?

You can change the size by percentage and the Y position of your images on Submagic with just one click. Everything is customizable so you can create the most captivating video for your audience.

Can I add images to my video for free? 

Yes! You can add photos and GIFs for free. You can even upload your own images to personalize your content.

Can I add transitions to my own images?

Sure thing! Add your own image, and a transition automatically generates on it so you don’t spend time adjusting it.