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Accurate video description generator

This multiple-language description generator is your next best friend to simply create powerful descriptions. 🤝
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Free YouTube description generator
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Add SEO-friendly descriptions

Developed with famous content creators, you can't find better in the market! Modify your description in real-time, or rewrite it with another hook... You can do everything! 😉
SEO knowledge on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram
Rewrite description automatically 10+ times
100+ hooks available
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How to use this AI video description generator

1. Upload your video and find the “Publish” page
Upload your video and wait for the captions generation, which takes 1 minute. Then, click on the “Publish” page.

2. See your description automatically generated
This YouTube video description generator automatically transcripts your video and creates the perfect description with hashtags. Rewrite it if needed using the buttons below!

3. Export your video
Once done, you’re good to go. Click on “export” at the top right of your screen. As easy as that!
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Top 5 reasons why a good video description is a must in 2024

76% of content creators neglect this part, which can harm their content accessibility: video description.

Socials grant an important place to descriptions through their algorithms. But you can feel you waste time writing descriptions, right? 🤔

That’s why a YouTube video description generator might be helpful to do the harsh work for you. But before that, why is it so important? 

1- SEO Benefits
Your visibility is boosted with relevant keywords and hashtags in your description. Social media algorithms prioritize context, and a well-optimized description increases the chance of your content appearing in relevant searches. Also, like every social media algorithm, they want to make sure that they understand the video before showing it to the creator’s audience, and a description is one of the best ways to do so. 😎

2- Conciseness
Viewers decide within two seconds whether to engage or scroll. 2 seconds, only. Your description becomes the hook that prevents viewers from scrolling past, ensuring a positive decision to stay engaged.

3- Bring curiosity with Hooks
A hook isn’t only the one you use at the beginning of your video. It works on description, too. Always bring interest with engaging questions, facts, or metrics. A well-chosen hook will increase the retention rate of your video.

If you don’t know which one to use, this YouTube video description generator has been trained with 100+ best hooks from famous creators. 🔥

4- Improve your video accessibility
Did you know that a detailed description helps those with impairments and provides additional context for a richer viewing experience? Also, search engines love it, since they get a context of your video.

5-  Call to Action
With a description, you can encourage likes, comments, and shares. Plus, you can start a funnel from here, redirect your audience to the link in your bio,  and strategically guide them to external links.

You’re one CTA away from transforming passive viewers into an active community!🚀
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Have questions?

How can this AI video description generator boost my engagement?

Multiple benefits will emerge once using this generator. Whether it will increase your video accessibility, find powerful hooks to increase the retention rate of your video, or even use call to action (CTA) to achieve your final goal, this free video description generator will be game changer!

Is it a free AI video description generator? 

It’s completely free! You can either use the online tool we have on this page or go a bit further into details by using the tool on our platform.

What’s the difference between the video description generator on this page and the one on your web app?

On this page, you write the information in your video compared to our final generator which will transcript your video and take all the information automatically. Magic, isn’t it?

Is this generator adapted to YouTube?

Yes. This tool is a YouTube video generator, so we’ve got you covered!