7 Best AI Captions Alternatives for 2024

Level up your views! Explore the best AI caption alternatives for YouTube, TikTok, Reels & more - 2024's hottest trend.

Ever feel like AI is popping up everywhere you turn? From Tesla self-driving cars to robots making your latte, artificial intelligence is in every corner of our lives.


And hey, video marketing is no exception! With tools that automatically transcribe audio, generate accurate captions, and even translate them into multiple languages, AI is here to stay. But with so many options, how do you navigate the market and find the best AI captions alternatives for 2024?

These 7 cutting-edge AI captioning tools will elevate your videos from meh to WOW! Let’s dive into our listicle.

7 Top AI-Powered Captions Alternatives for 2024

Submagic is a powerful AI tool tailored for content creators, enabling the swift creation of captivating dynamic captions in under 2 minutes. Crafted with efficiency in mind, it saves you time and money and enhances your engagement on short-form content. 

Ideal for video subtitles destined for platforms like TikTok, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels, Submagic is your go-to solution for effortlessly elevating your content creation game.


Precision and Accuracy: Submagic stands out as one of the best AI captions alternatives for its remarkable precision in caption generation. The AI algorithm ensures accurate transcriptions, providing reliable captions for your videos.

Customization Options: Creators can fine-tune the style and appearance, add emojis, and choose caption placement, offering a tailored viewing experience for their audience.

Multilingual Support: Submagic can seamlessly generate captions in over 48 languages, making it an ideal choice for creators with diverse audiences worldwide.

Real-time Editing: The platform enables real-time editing, allowing users to adjust captions instantly during or after the video creation. 


× Learning Curve: Some users may initially experience a slight curve when navigating Submagic's features.

× Accessibility: As one of the best AI captions alternatives available online, Submagic has an Internet dependency.

Submagic Reviews

Content creator:  “It's surprising, but in 2024 (soon) only Submagic allows me to achieve the rendering I aim for my subtitles. I couldn't achieve it on Capcut or something else, even though I spent twice as much time on it.

By the way, I had fun calculating the time I saved in 6 months by switching from Capcut to Submagic and it's chilling: 30 hours saved per month, so 180 hours in 6 months. So, yep, 5 stars.”

Explore Submagic superb features


Kapwing is a powerful online video editing tool that allows you to add captions, subtitles, and text overlays to your videos. With Kapwing as one of the best AI captions alternatives, you can upload your video, select the caption style, and customize your captions' text, size, and color.


✓ User-friendly interface

No need to download software

Multiple editing features


× Glitches and bugs can erase projects

× Free content with a watermark

× Lacking customer service


Web Designer/Journalist: “My overall experience with Kapwing has been great! I'll definitely use it again for personal projects!”

Learn why Submagic is one of the Best AI Captions Alternatives


VEED is another excellent option for the best AI caption alternatives. VEED is for anyone looking to create accessible and engaging video content. Add captions, subtitles, and text overlays to your videos. Also, trim, resize and add music to your videos.


✓ 100 languages available

✓ User-friendly UI

✓ Great stock of footage, animated stickers and other fun additions


× Software can experience crashes and bugs 

× For long videos above 10 minutes, the software can be very slow 

× Less advanced subtitle animations


Computer software engineer: “Overall, Veed is an amazing video editing software but can be slow at times. However, I believe this will be fixed by the product team.”

Learn why Submagic is one of the Best AI Captions Alternatives

4. Clideo

Clideo is another of the best AI captions alternatives. It’s a browser-based platform that provides tools for editing video, audio, and images. Add captions to your videos easily to empower you to create engaging and accessible content.


✓ Low price tag

✓ Easy to learn and use


× Lack of themes and design elements

× Only available in English


History lecturer: “Clideo is a very simple and handy tool for content creators because it's super easy to use and different video formats can be edited.”

Learn why Submagic is one of the Best AI Captions Alternatives

5. Filmora

Edit captions directly within Filmora's user-friendly interface. Adjust timing, text, fonts, colors, and placement with ease.


✓ Easy to use, intuitive interface

✓ Online resources, tutorials, presets packs, effects 

✓ Very good and responsive support


× Multiple logins are required to apply audio 

× Lack of subtitling templates


Architect and Interior Designer: “Filmora is a great Android and Windows app to create any videos you desire from professional videos to personal videos. The truth is you always achieve the results you want on the videos you make.”

The best alternatives to Submagic

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