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Nowadays, you see subtitles everywhere, right? This is not for nothing; studies show this is almost mandatory to succeed online. 

Increase in Reach
Guess how many people watch videos without the sound? 80%. By generating subtitles for your videos, you’re making your content accessible to more people. Subtitling your videos also helps people with hearing disabilities access your content. 
Increase in Content Quality and Engagement
Video captions increase the quality of your content. You can use well-crafted and designed subtitles to highlight the value of your content and show the quality you offer.

Make Your Videos Discoverable
Subtitles can make your videos discoverable on search engines. Search engines can index and analyze the text in captions, making your video rank better in search results. 🧡

How to use this AI auto subtitle generator 

1- Upload your video
Click on 'Create my video now', upload your video, and choose the language of the video. Once it’s done, let the magic happen and see your captions generated in 30 seconds.

2- Edit your subtitles
You can customize your captions in different ways. Color subtitles, add emojis, choose the subtitle font and animation you want in 1 click. Edits will appear on your video in real time with this AI subtitle generator!

3- Export your video
Export your video with the subtitles by clicking on 'Download'. You can export your first videos for free.
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Best auto-caption accuracy in the market

Submagic’s speech-to-text accuracy is over 99% in 50 languages, so you don’t spend hours modifying your subtitles! If our AI system doubts the accuracy of your auto-generated subtitles, your words will get highlighted in orange. 😉
Subtitle accuracy of 99,5%
Supports 50+ languages

Add fancy subtitle templates in one click

This auto subtitle generator has trendy subtitle templates your favorite creators use. Fan of Alex Hormozi and Mr. Beast edits? You can replicate them using Submagic in no time. 😎
Templates used by famous content creator
+15 subtitle themes ready for you
Create your own subtitle style

Highlight subtitles with emojis and sound effects

Submagic finds video keywords and highlights them! Make them focus on your key points using animated emojis with sound effects, GIFs, and colors! 🧡
Add 3,600 animated emojis to videos
Generate sound effects for emojis
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I change the font, animation style, size, and colors of my subtitles?

Within the editor you'll find two dedicated sections within the editor: "Subtitle" and "Design." In the "Subtitle" section, you can easily modify your subtitles, add a new line, delete a word, and much more. Meanwhile, the "Design" section empowers you to choose colors, add emojis, and manage your subtitles' size and animation style. With these user-friendly features, creating subtitles that perfectly match your style and content has never been easier.

What is the best auto subtitle generator?

Submagic is the best free AI subtitle generator that you can find online. We’ve compared 10 other subtitling tools, and here’s our final answer!  

Which languages does Submagic support for my subtitles?

Submagic supports subtitles in 48 languages with top-notch accuracy. From commonly spoken languages like English and Spanish to less widespread ones like Tamil and Thai, our platform ensures your content is accessible to a diverse global audience.

What are the differences between subtitles, closed captions, and hardcoded subtitles?

Subtitles, closed captions, and hardcoded subtitles serve the common purpose of providing text-based content for audiovisual media, but they differ in their implementation. Subtitles display a translated or transcribed text on-screen for viewers who understand the language spoken. Closed captions offer additional accessibility by including sound effects and speaker identification, catering to hearing-impaired audiences. Hardcoded subtitles are permanently embedded in the video, while the others can be toggled on or off during playback.

Can I generate captions from my phone?

Absolutely! Submagic is an automatic subtitle generator that allows you to generate subtitles right from your phone. Our platform supports both desktop and mobile devices. Easily upload your video and transcribe subtitles with ease, anytime, anywhere.

Can I try this auto subtitle generator for free?

Good news! Submagic is a free auto subtitle generator. With 3 videos per month in trial, you can use this online tool, post your content, and see a bigger engagement on your videos.

Start using this free auto subtitle generator today!


What they say about Submagic

Submagic's Auto Accurate Captions feature has been a game-changer. The precision with which it generates captions is remarkable, saving us time and ensuring that our videos are accessible to a broader audience. The automatic syncing of captions with the spoken words is seamless, allowing us to focus on the creative aspect without worrying about accuracy.

Emmanuel O.
Customer Success Manager

Video editing is a skill I never thought I’d be able to master. Enter: SubMagic! SubMagic has unlocked a whole new world of creativity for me. It has everything I need to quickly take a video clip from boring to professionally edited— and all in just a few minutes!

Cassie W.

SubMagic revolutionized my content creation process! No more endless hours of manual subtitle work. Now, with its powerful AI, my videos have professional subtitles in under 10 minutes. The variety of styles and user-friendly interface make it a game changer. My social media engagement has soared, thanks to SubMagic!

Jason P.
Business Owner

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