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400,000 creators use Submagic daily, the best alternative to Filmora. These 2 AI video editors have similarities and differences. Let’s learn more about them!

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Filmora vs Submagic

Filmora vs. Submagic - Which AI video editor best suits your needs?

Filmora and Submagic have a common goal: helping content creators create high-quality videos to boost their engagement and live from their content. Here's a quick side-by-side comparison of the features they offer.

Feature Comparison




Trendy Subtitle Templates
Highlighted keywords (colors, GIFs, emojis)
Automatic zooms
Automatic b-rolls and transitions
AI description
AI features
Simple to use
Mobile Version
Available Languages
50 languages
26 languages
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Comparison Overview

Still hesitating? Let’s go deeper into the capabilities of those two tools to make the best decision eventually! 

Submagic - the best AI video editor

Submagic became rapidly a must-have software in many content creators' tool-boxes. This AI video editing tool will transform your shorts, ads, and YouTube videos into dynamic and engaging content that your audience will love. Powered by AI, this tool will add stylish subtitles, transitions, stock footage, and sound effects to your video. And all of this, in 1 click! 


✅ Submagic highlights keywords with colors, emojis, and GIFs automatically
✅It auto-generates an AI description, thumbnail, sound effects, and b-rolls using the power of AI
✅ Really intuitive, simple, and easy to use, your video will be exported in 2 minutes


❌ Submagic is a web-based tool. There is an internet dependency.

Submagic Pricing

It’s free! Starting at $20/month

Submagic Review

Content creator: "I discovered Submagic for subtitling YouTube Shorts videos, and I am quite amazed by the quality and effectiveness of the tool! Bravo: very simple, quick, and accessible. In addition, the team is friendly and listens to suggestions to improve the experience. I recommend it!"

Filmora AI - the best video editor

Filmora is an easy-to-use video editor with many features that can be compared to Capcut and Premiere Pro. 


✅ Filmora has built an AI copywriting tool for your videos
✅ Really intuitive with simple timelines and great UX


❌ Lack of subtitling templates
❌ You need basic video editing skills to use Filmora, which can be time-consuming at first

Filmora Pricing

It’s free! Price starting at $49

Filmora Review

Content creator: “Love the fact that its timeline is easy to use. I love it because it has more effects and presets, which are also quite easy to use than what I was using before.”

Our final thoughts: Filmora or Submagic?

Choosing between Filmora and Submagic depends on your specific needs, video creation plans, and the time you want to invest in your projects. Here's why we believe Submagic is the best Filmora alternative.

Suppose your objective is to streamline the creation of your videos (shorts, ads, or horizontal ones) with advanced animations and styles, all generated within a minute. In that case, it stands out as one of Filmora's top competitors. 😎 

It takes time to create the perfect video on Filmora, even more, if you are a beginner. Leveraging AI tools can help you produce content faster so that you only focus on what you do best!

Submagic goes beyond just offering proven subtitle templates that enhance your videos; it also automates the addition of b-rolls, transitions, and sound effects! With Submagic, your video can be ready in only 3 minutes, while doing the same on Filmora can be complex.

When it comes to creating unique subtitles, Submagic offers you freedom and flexibility. If you aim to make your subtitles truly stand out and distinguish your content from other creators or traditional advertisements, Submagic is an essential addition to your toolkit. 🧡

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What makes Submagic better than Filmora?

Create stylish animated subtitles in 2 minutes, using AI

With Submagic, you can tailor the captions to match your brand's identity, incorporating your unique style and brand colors for a cohesive and professional look. By adding a personal touch to your captions, you create a stronger brand presence. 😎

Moreover, you engage every viewer, even those who prefer watching videos without audio. Find many options to make your subtitles unique; choose from various fonts (Montserrat, Poppins, Arial, and more), or add your own fonts!

Once customized, your video is ready to be exported!
iman gadzhi captions to shorts online with artificial intelligence
Dashboard mockup

Add automatically b-rolls, sound effects and top-notch transitions

Nowadays, adding a touch of simplicity to your content creation process is often underestimated, but it's a critical point to succeed online!

So, why not automate your shorts with the power of AI? With Submagic, you can now auto-generate video footage on your video, add well-timed transitions in 2 minutes, and even make your shorts more dynamic by adding auto-sound effects!

Every feature is used by video editor experts, such as film zoom-in transitions, whooshes, or subtitle templates like Iman Gadzhi or Devin Jatho. 😉

Increase your average views by +170% using Submagic

Submagic's subtitles are proven to boost your video whether you add subtitles for ads or short-form videos! 🚀

By saving valuable time with this Capcut's alternative, you create your video 66% faster, consequently producing more content and growing your channel much more than expected.
boost views with captions subtitle generator
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Add amazing captions to your videos in 3 clicks:

Upload your video

Click on 'Create my video now', upload your video and choose the language of the video. Once it’s done, let the magic happen and see your captions being generated in 30 seconds.

Edit the subtitles

You can customize your subtitles in different ways. Color subtitles, add emojis, choose the subtitle font and animation you want in 1 click. Edits will appear on your video in real time with this AI subtitle generator!

Download your video

Export your video with the subtitles by clicking on 'Download'. If you see the button 'Pay & Download', you have to choose a plan in the pricing page.

Submagic - The best Filmora Alternative (video)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Submagic better than Filmora for short videos?

Yes! If you want to auto-add subtitles to shorts on TikTok and YouTube or Reels on Instagram, Submagic is the best tool in 2023. This is the best alternative for Filmora. You can easily add professionalism to your videos quickly with subtitles, b rolls, and zooms you could find on the AI market.

Can I create Alex Hormozi and Ali Abdaal subtitles style with Filmora?

No, you can't create subtitles in the Ali Abdaal or Alex Hormozi style using Submagic. However, you can with Submagic! This Filmora alternative offers more than 3 subtitling templates that match Alex Hormozi's unique subtitle style and animations and one for Ali Abdaal's subtitle style. In just one click, you can create subtitles as your favorite content creator.

How many languages does Filmora support for my subtitles?

Filmora supports subtitles in 26 languages with unparalleled accuracy. If your language is unavailable on Filmora, you can always try its alternative called Submagic. Choose from 48 languages for your subtitles. From commonly spoken languages like Italian and Ukrainian to less widespread ones like Tamil and Thai, our subtitling software ensures your content is accessible to a diverse global audience.

What is the difference between subtitles and closed captions?

Subtitles, closed captions, and hardcoded subtitles serve the common purpose of providing text-based content for audiovisual media, but they differ in their implementation. Subtitles display a translated or transcribed text on-screen for viewers who understand the language spoken. Closed captions offer additional accessibility by including sound effects and speaker identification, catering to hearing-impaired audiences. Hardcoded subtitles are permanently embedded in the video, while the others can be toggled on or off during playback.

Is Filmora available on a Desktop PC?

Filmora ai video editor is available and responsive on both desktop (PC) and mobile! Launch your favorite browser and start using Filmora easily! Other Filmora alternatives are online and responsive for mobile and PC, such as This AI editor will create engaging content in minutes with the magic of AI.

What are the best Filmora competitors?

Submagic is the best Filmora competitor. Submagic adds trendy and stylish subtitles in 2 minutes so that your content creation process is optimized. Isn't that wonderful?