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Best Auto-Subtitle Generator Online: Powered by AI

Recent studies revealed a critical trend for you, creators: Most social media users prefer watching videos without sound. Subtitles transform your TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube video to a fully accessible one, even if your audience turns its volume down!

Quick subtitle generation

Submagic is as quick as a flash, saving you time to focus on what truly matters. Whether you're creating content for your business, clients, or personal brand, Submagic simplifies the process, eliminating the need for time-consuming tasks.

Why subtitles?

Subtitles not only fit the preferences of the majority of social media users but also enhance your video's reach and visibility. Incorporating subtitles makes your videos  SEO-friendly. With clear, concise subtitles, you're optimizing your content for maximum visibility and impact.

Unparalleled accuracy

With an impressive 98.8% accuracy across 50+ languages, don’t spend time adding subtitles to mp4 anymore! Plus, improve the accuracy by adding custom vocabulary to Submagic's dictionary. 🧡

How to use this AI auto subtitle generator 

1- Upload your MP4 video for free
Click on “Create my video”, choose the language, and name your project. Once done, click “upload” and wait for the magic generation to happen!

2- Edit your subtitles
Once your subtitles are generated, review the transcription and choose your favorite subtitle style on the ‘captions’ page. Personalize each setting to perfectly match your brand color and voice.

3- Export your MP4
That’s all! Just click “export”(top right of your page) and post your video on social media. Start seeing results and more engagement with this new and trendy editing design!

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Attach subtitles to MP4 in 50+ languages

Have you ever felt frustrated seeing a tool supporting your language but with a low accuracy? With Submagic, there is a 98.8% accuracy in all languages! 

No manual video transcription anymore
5-star transcription accuracy for all languages
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Add trendy subtitles to MP4 that your audience loves

To add subtitles, you need a mix of your personal brand and subtitle styles that work well in your niche. Use styles that are proven to be eye-catching, and personalize them the way you want! 

20 subtitle designs that boost engagement
Highlight keywords with emojis, GIFs, and images
Subtitle templates used by Grant Cardone, Ali Abdaal, and other big creators
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Bring visual elements with hook text

When watching your MP4 video, your audience wants to know the context as quickly as possible to avoid wasting time. Adding a 2-second hook title at the beginning of your video is a fantastic way to attract attention and curiosity from your viewers.

Auto-generation of the text (AI)
Customize your hook title in 1 click
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to attach subtitles to mp4

The simplest way is to use an AI subtitling software supporting mp4 video, like Submagic! Simply upload your video, wait 30 seconds, and see it with stylish captions you can customize.

How to make subtitles for mp4

It has never been easier using Submagic! AI tools allow you to make captions for mp4 videos in just one click. Try Submagic for free.

Is there free software to add subtitles to mp4

You have a bunch of free AI tools to add subtitles to mp4, the best one is Submagic. With its subtitle accuracy and simpicity to use, focus on what you do best while Submagic manage time-consuming tasks.