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Submagic is an AI software with parallels to 2Short but unique features. Unlock new possibilities for content creators, businesses, and video editors.

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Staying on top of trends in digital content is crucial. Submagic, an alternative to 2Short, incorporates AI to keep you cutting-edge. Stay ahead of the competition with Submagic's innovative capabilities, ensuring your content stays fresh and resonates with your audience in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Submagic vs 2Short




Trendy Subtitle Templates
Highlighted keywords (colors, GIFs, emojis)
Auto cut and zooms
Automatic b-rolls and transitions
AI thumbnail generator
Music Background
Simple to use
Mobile Version
Available Languages
50 languages
11 languages
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Comparison Overview

Deciding between 2Short and Submagic depends on what you want to do with your videos and how much time you have. Here's why we think Submagic is a great alternative to 2Short.

Submagic - Generate subtitles and captions easily

Submagic isn’t a classic app to add captions to videos! This AI video editor adds fantastic features to your subtitles to make them unique. Add colors, GIFs, and even animated emojis to boost your engagement online.


✅ Submagic highlights keywords with emojis, sound effects,  and GIFs automatically
✅It auto-generates an AI description, thumbnail, sound effects, and b-rolls using the power of AI
✅ Really intuitive, simple, and easy to use, your short is ready to be exported in 3 clicks


❌ Submagic is an online tool, there is an Internet dependency

Submagic Pricing

Start Submagic for FREE! Price starting at $20/month to $50/month

Submagic Reviews

Content creator: " is a revolution in the field of "short" video editing! The founder and his team have worked tirelessly to produce this AI that goes beyond the realms of possibility. You can change subtitles, color, emojis, even describe your video, and a whole lot more, all in just a few seconds !Updates are ongoing, and this AI is way ahead of its competitors. One word to the wise: Go for it !"

2short is an AI-powered tool that converts long videos into shorts.


✅ Face tracking
✅ Simple to use AI video editor


❌ No auto b rolls
❌ Less subtitle style choices

2Short Pricing

FREE - Prices start at 9.90$ per month

2Short Reviews

Content producer: "It’s great that allows you to pick from a wide range of different formats, meaning you can create the perfect content for whatever platform you’re using. have so many goodies and tools for you to play around with to enhance your content, it’s pretty great."

Our final thoughts: 2Short or Submagic?

Deciding between 2Short and Submagic depends on what you want to do with your videos and how much time you have. Here's why we think Submagic is a great alternative to 2Short.

If you want a complete AI video editor for making longer videos, Submagic is a good pick. It's simple and has many features to enhance your video quality. Also, Submagic is the quickest web app in the video editing market. If you want to quickly make short or square videos with cool animations in less than a minute, Submagic is a strong alternative to 2Short. 😎

Submagic not only gives you ready-made subtitles for your short videos but also adds extra features like b-rolls, transitions, and sound effects automatically! With Submagic, your video can be done in just 3 minutes faster than using 2Short.

When it comes to making unique subtitles, Submagic lets you be creative. If you want your subtitles to really stand out and be different from other creators and regular ads, Submagic is a tool you should definitely use. 🧡

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Submagic's video demo: the best 2Short alternative

Start captionning my video

Add amazing captions to your videos in 3 clicks:

Upload your video

Click on 'Create my video now', upload your video and choose the language of the video. Once it’s done, let the magic happen and see your captions being generated in 30 seconds.

Edit the subtitles

You can customize your subtitles in different ways. Color subtitles, add emojis, choose the subtitle font and animation you want in 1 click. Edits will appear on your video in real time with this AI subtitle generator!

Download your video

Export your video with the subtitles by clicking on 'Download'. If you see the button 'Pay & Download', you have to choose a plan in the pricing page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Submagic better than 2Short for short videos?

Yes, Submagic is better than 2Short. This alternative offers more features that you can use to create viral videos. Start Submagic for free!

How many languages does 2Short support for my subtitles?

2Short supports subtitles in 48 languages with unparalleled accuracy. If your language is unavailable on 2short AI, you can always try its alternative called Submagic. Choose from 50 languages for your subtitles. From commonly spoken languages like Italian and French to less widespread ones like Tamil and Thai, our subtitling software ensures your content is accessible to a diverse global audience.

Is 2Short available on a Desktop PC?

2Short is an online tool that is available and responsive on both desktop (PC) and mobile! Launch your favorite browser and start using 2short easily! Other 2Short alternatives are online and responsive for mobile and PC, such as This subtitle editor will generate subtitles in minutes with the magic of AI.

What are the best 2Short competitors?

Submagic is the best 2Short competitor. Submagic adds trendy and stylish subtitles in 3 three clicks, so that your content creation process is optimized. And yes, for free! Isn't that wonderful?