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Generate eye-attractive content using our automatic closed captioning service

Are you a passionate content creator or a talented video editor? We understand how essential it is to connect with your audience effectively and keep them hooked throughout your videos. That's where Submagic, our auto captioning service, comes to the rescue, bringing a human touch to your content creation process while boosting your SEO game. In today's digital world, capturing your viewers' attention can be a challenging task. With Submagic's personalized closed captions, you can effortlessly engage your audience, ensuring that your message resonates with them.
Powered by advanced AI technology, Submagic ensures accuracy in transcribing your videos from audio, creating captivating shorts and reels that leave a lasting impact. With easy video uploads in MP4 and MOV formats, let Submagic take your video quality to new heights and make a meaningful impact on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, and beyond.

How to use Submagic’s closed captioning tool to your videos?

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Add closed captions to your video

Simply upload your video and click on 'Create my video now.' Choose your desired language with over 48+ languages available. Witness the rapidity of our automatic closed captioning service generating captions for you.

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Post your video

Once you're satisfied with your video's subtitles, export it by clicking on 'Export.' Download your video in MP4 and with a 1080p (pixels) quality.

Download your video on Submagic

Download your video with automatic captions

You can download your video by clicking 'Export.' Download your video easily from your desktop or mobile. If you have to proofread before downloading your video, you can do that as well! Simply save your project and leave the page. 🧡

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How to add closed captioning to video? (Video explaination)

Auto generate trendy subtitles in minutes

Add stylish captions and emojis in minutes to reach a wider audience and boost your views online

Generate trendy subtitles that fit with your message and brand essence by customizing the font, colors, position and animation of your subtitles. You have a total freedom when it comes to personalizing your subtitles with a user-friendly interface! Creating these unique and customized subtitles will make your videos more engaging, increase the retention rate, and consequently increase the chances of getting more views on your videos 💗
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Empower your creative expression while ensuring accessibility for all

By adding closed captions to video, individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing can fully engage with your message, fostering inclusivity and broadening your audience reach. With Submagic, customize your captions to match your brand's identity, infusing unique styles and brand colors for a cohesive and professional look. Submagic caters to all viewers, including those who prefer silent video experiences. By seamlessly integrating closed captions, your content becomes not only enjoyable but also easily accessible, reaching a wider audience and leaving a lasting impact. 🚀

Increase the retention rate by 80% with closed captions

Not only do you boost the engagement in your video with subtitles, but you increase the retention rate as well. Recent studies from Verizon and Publicis Media have shown that up to 80% of viewers are more likely to finish a video with subtitles. This is an important factor if you want to see your video go viral. Whether you post on Tiktok, Instagram or Youtube, their algorithm will reward you if most of your viewers are watching your video until the end. For fact, they are calculating the average time your viewers will spend watching your video. And, the higher the retention rate, the more views on your videos. Next time, pay attention to your behavior when watching a video, and you’ll see that you are more focused on a video with captions (even more if they are stylish and colorful!).
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Frequently Asked Questions

How to make more views on social media (Tiktok, Instagram and Youtube)

If you want more views on social media, here's the secret: Pair a strong message with eye-catching visuals featuring engaging captions. Captions on your visuals grab people's attention, making them curious to watch your content. Keep your language simple yet impactful, complementing your visuals perfectly. Make your captions easy to read and relevant, so people can easily share and remember them. By nailing this winning combo of message and captivating visuals, you'll attract more views and get people talking about your content on social media.

How do I auto caption a video?

Upload video to Submagic 2. Rename your project 3. Choose language between 48 languages 4. Press "upload" 5. Edit your closed captions 6. Download your video

What is closed captioning?

Closed captioning is text displayed on the screen during videos and TV shows to help people who are deaf or hard of hearing. It shows the spoken words, sounds, and other audio information, making the content accessible to a wider audience. It's different from subtitles, which provide translations. Closed captioning ensures everyone can enjoy the content, regardless of hearing ability.