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AI Video Captioning for Your Social Media Strategy

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Auto generate trendy subtitles in minutes

Simplify your videos and make your content accessible... in just one click

Submagic's AI video captioning technology automatically adds subtitles or captions to your online videos, making it easier to communicate your message more effectively. Closed captioning not only improves the clarity of your content but also establishes authority and creates a lasting impact on your audience. With automatic subtitles, Submagic makes video content accessible to a broader audience in just one click, resulting in increased viewership, longer watch times, and greater engagement with your content. By making your videos more accessible, Submagic's AI video captioning can help you create a more inclusive and engaging video experience. 💗
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2 minutes to create and replicate content like the most viewed content creators

Create and revamp your content like your favorite creators, Alex Hormozi or Iman Gadzhi. Submagic's AI video captioning makes your content dynamic and adapted to your branding aesthetics. You can replicate the best viewing and selling content with just two clicks. This empowers you to elevate and transform your content, making it more on-brand and engaging for your audience. Save time and money with us!🚀

Skyrocket your online presence with Submagic video caption generator

Video captions with SEO in mind enhance your content's discoverability. Algorithms favor well-optimized content, driving your videos to higher ranks on search engines and TikTok, YouTube or Instagram rankings, attracting organic traffic. Allowing you to SEO-optimize your video captions, Submagic elevates your creative expression while boosting your videos' reach and impact. Captivate viewers and leave a lasting impression with Submagic AI video captioning optimization. Ensuring accuracy, accessibility, and flexibility enhances viewer comprehension and creates a more engaging and impactful content experience.
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The best AI caption generator for your digital content

Videos have become powerful tools for engagement, storytelling, and communication. But, without captions, you are missing out on 12% higher viewership. Submagic, the AI-powered captioning software, seamlessly transforms your videos into inclusive, engaging, and impactful tools for communication, education, and entertainment. Submagic state-of-the-art AI (artificial intelligence) technology identifies and analyzes every detail of your audio to ensure the caption's accuracy. Captions are perfectly synchronized with the audio to ensure a seamless viewing experience.
Whether you are creating videos for TikTok or Instagram or producing long-form content for YouTube, Submagic AI-powered software effortlessly transcribes your audio into professional-looking captions that keep your audience engaged. Submagic, a solid AI video captioning tool, supports both MP4 and MOV formats (for Apple users), allowing you to elevate your content with top-notch captions; experience the transformative impact of Submagic, delivering captivating and precise captions in 48 languages, ensuring heightened engagement for your audience, making it the best AI video caption generator.

How to use AI video caption generator? (Full guide)

Submagic accurate AI caption generator for video

Upload your video on Submagic

Add captions online using AI.

Let our AI caption generator work for 1 minute! On Submagic, upload your video, whether it's in MP4 or MOV (the one for Apple Quicktime movie files). Just hit "Create my video now," click or drag/drop your video, and pick your language from the 48+ options. Wait for the AI video captioning magic to roll, and watch your automatic captions pop up in 30 seconds!

Select your language on Submagic

Review and edit captions

Choose color, add emojis, and pick your favorite subtitle font and animation—all with just one click. Plus, watch your edits pop up on your video in real time!.

Download your video on Submagic

Download the file with synchronized video captions

Get your video by hitting 'Export.' Download it straight from your desktop or mobile. And hey, if you want to double-check the captions or subtitles before downloading your video, go for it! Just save your project and close the page! 🧡

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is AI video caption generator?

AI for video captioning uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically generate captions or subtitles for video and audio content. It improves the accessibility and discoverability of digital content.

What are the benefits of using AI for automatic video captioning?

AI video captioning can help to enhance digital content, make content more accessible, and improve discoverability. It can also reduce production costs and improve user engagement.

How do I auto generate captions on a video?

Adding subtitles or captions to your videos is a straightforward process with Submagic. Create an account, choose a plan, upload your video, select the language, and let Submagic's auto subtitle generator handle the rest. Review and edit the instantly generated captions, then download or embed them directly into your video.