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Auto generate trendy subtitles in minutes

Our AI video caption generator works for everyone and everywhere in one click

Whether you are a business professional looking to expand your target market, an educator wanting to make your videos more inclusive or a content creator trying to boost engagement and make connections, Submagic's leading AI-powered caption generator seamlessly transcribes and translates your videos into over 48 languages. Our cutting-edge captioning tool unlocks the potential for higher engagement, increased viewership, and a follower boost. Join the wave of content creators and businesses leveraging captions as a dynamic strategy to amplify their digital presence.
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Empower your story with Submagic captions

Telling captivating stories is the trademark of the best content creators, such as Iman Ghazdi and Alex Hormozi. Now, with Submagic AI video caption generator, you can harness the same storytelling prowess and create a story that resonates deeply with your audience. Our tool ensures that your captions are not just words on the screen but a dynamic strategy to connect with your audience. Tell your story with Submagic!

Boost engagement and become #1 in your niche market

In the current digital world, captions are crucial in reaching your target audience. Submagic's advanced AI technology ensures that captions are accurate and contextually relevant to capture the essence of your content. Precise and relevant captions can help boost your content's SEO ranking, leading to better engagement, ROI, and improvement. Submagic AI video caption generator is the ultimate tool providing the precision required to exceed your target market's expectations and get ahead of your competitors.
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Easy, straightforward AI caption generator for your videos

Captions are the silent storytellers of your brand, shaping its personality and connecting with your audience. Adding compelling captions improves meaning and becomes the driving force behind increased engagement on social media platforms. Submagic's AI video caption generator is a game-changer for digital storytelling. It recognizes the significance of captions and turns your content into a powerful tool to boost your strategy. Our software uses sophisticated methods to create the most accurate and dynamic captions in the market.
This versatile caption tool generates captions perfectly aligned with your TikTok, Instagram and YouTube video content. Supporting MP4 and MOV formats, Submagic enhances your content with high-quality captions synchronized with the audio. Whether you are a global brand or a local business, Submagic ensures your content speaks to every follower in every language with unparalleled precision and authenticity. Experience the difference Submagic AI video caption generator can make. Get the best auto caption generator that supports 48 languages.

How to use an AI caption generator? (Full guide)

Automatically add captions to your videos with Submagic

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Add accurate captions online using AI. Upload your MP4 or MOV. video file

Let Submagic work for just 1 minute to generate your captions. You can easily upload your video in MP4 or MOV formats—ideal for Apple Quicktime movie files. Click “Create my video now,” and either click or drag/drop your video. Choose from over 48 languages. Let our AI video caption generator start working. Within just 30 seconds, your captions will magically appear on your screen!

Select your language on Submagic

Edit and review your automatic captions

Get creative with your captions! Easily change your text – choose font color, add animated emojis, and pick your favorite animation with just one click. See your edits happening in real time on your video!

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Download your video with auto captions

Grab your video with a click! Hit 'Export' to download your video on your desktop or mobile. Need a final check? No worries! Save your project, and you're good to go. Simply exit the page whenever you're ready.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which AI generates captions for videos?

Submagic AI generates captions for videos. Using advanced artificial intelligence, Submagic ensures accurate and contextually relevant captions, enhancing accessibility and engagement for diverse audiences.

How can I generate captions for a video?

Generate captions for your video quickly with Submagic. Simply upload your video, choose from over 48 languages, and let Submagic's advanced AI video caption generator technology automatically create accurate and engaging captions. It's a quick and efficient way to improve the impact of your content.

Can I auto generate subtitles from a video file?

Yes, you can auto-generate subtitles from a video file. This process involves using advanced artificial intelligence technology to analyze the spoken content and create accurate subtitles automatically.