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Auto generate trendy subtitles in minutes

Just a click away from reaching a global audience and making a greater impact

Submagic opens new horizons for businesses selling products beyond English-speaking countries. Providing accurate and culturally relevant subtitles in over 48 languages, Submagic AI subtitles for video become indispensable for companies aspiring to broaden their target audience, increase market penetration, and establish a stronger connection with customers worldwide. Accurate subtitles benefit those learning a second language. Whether you're an educator or a learner, Submagic transforms your content into a universal language that speaks to learners, consumers, and diverse communities around the globe.
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Replicate your favorite content creators with a simplified subtitle workflow

Unlock the secrets of your favorite content creators and replicate their success with Submagic. This cutting-edge AI subtitles for video software streamlines the subtitling process, enabling you to copy the best and most viewed content seamlessly. This tool allows you to add captivating animations and emojis, elevating the viewer experience. Elevate your content creation journey with Submagic and captivate your audience with a truly immersive and dynamic viewing experience.

Localize your content strategy with Submagic subtitle generator

Optimize your SEO strategy with Submagic to amplify video traffic and elevate search rankings by strategically targeting specific language markets. Our AI subtitles for video not only break down language barriers but also serve as a dynamic tool to translate and localize content seamlessly. This functionality broadens your global reach and enhances the potential to rank prominently in niche markets, ensuring content adaptation to linguistic diversity and cultural nuances. Embrace the power of AI subtitles to unlock new audiences, boost visibility, and secure a solid presence in the digital landscape.
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Break language barriers with the best AI for video subtitles

While English is the most widely spoken language globally, accounting for 18.8% of speakers, the combined total of people speaking Mandarin Chinese, Hindi, Spanish and French is 31%! If you're an English-speaking business looking to expand your reach, not translating your videos could mean missing out on a significant audience. But with Submagic, you can easily add subtitles to your videos and connect with a broader audience. With Submagic's exceptional AI-powered subtitles for video tool, businesses can now cater to over 48 languages and efficiently address language diversity.
Adding subtitles becomes a strategic advantage for businesses and creators venturing into foreign markets. Submagic's AI subtitles for video technology go beyond mere translation. It takes a meticulous approach to identify idioms, grammatical nuances, and cultural structures inherent to each language, ensuring subtitles accuracy. With its exceptional capabilities, Submagic works to elevate your content on essential platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, supporting MP4 or MOV formats, making it a versatile tool for all users. Get the ultimate AI for video subtitles.

How to use AI for video subtitles? (Full guide)

Submagic AI subtitles for video solution

Upload your video on Submagic

Auto generate subtitles online using AI. Upload your MP4 or MOV. video file

With Submagic AI subtitles for video, you can easily add subtitles to your videos. After uploading your MP4 or MOV file, simply click “create my video now,” click or drag/drop your video, pick your preferred language from the 48+ options available, and let our AI subtitle generator do the work for 1 minute. Our subtitle generator will complete your automatic subtitles in 30 seconds.

Select your language on Submagic

Edit and personalize subtitles. Choose the color, font and add emojis

With just one click, you can customize your subtitles. Choose the color of your subtitles, add emojis or select your preferred subtitle font and animation. The best part? Any changes you make to your AI subtitles for video will appear in real time!

Download your video on Submagic

Download your accurate subtitled video

To get your video, simply click 'Export' and download it directly from your desktop or mobile device. You can review the subtitles or captions before downloading! Just make sure to save your project and exit the page

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does AI do subtitles?

Yes, AI can do subtitles. AI-powered subtitle generators can automatically generate subtitles for videos, making them accessible to people who speak different languages or are learning a new one.

Are AI subtitles for video accurate?

Yes, the best AI for video subtitles can be accurate. Our advanced natural language processing (NLP) algorithms analyze spoken language and identify idioms, grammatical structures, and context to ensure precise and contextually relevant subtitles, achieving accurate results.

How do I get auto generated subtitles for a video?

To get auto-generated subtitles for your video, use Submagic. After choosing a plan, simply upload your video, select your preferred language from over 48 options, and let Submagic's AI technology automatically generate accurate subtitles, enhancing accessibility and engagement.