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Auto generate trendy subtitles in minutes

Elevate your content visual appeal and simplify your video for higher engagement

Subtitles are a powerful tool that can enhance the visual appeal, accessibility, and engagement of your video content. They provide a dynamic layer of text that complements the visuals, making videos more engaging and understandable for most viewers, even those with hearing impairments, non-native speakers, or those in noisy environments. Our AI subtitle generator seamlessly integrates, offering a customizable and visually appealing layer to your videos to help you foster a deeper connection with your audience. Enjoy the perfect blend of visual appeal and accessibility with Submagic.
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Get the top rankings of search engines and target your niche market

Enhance the visibility and accessibility of your video content with Submagic's AI-powered subtitling solution. Our accurate and high-quality subtitles in over 48 languages make your videos discoverable by a global audience, boosting your SEO rankings and driving organic traffic to your website or channel. Attract new leads, followers, and engagement while targeting specific demographics and languages, expanding your market reach. Submagic AI subtitle generator is your gateway to global video success.

Fuel organic traffic with Submagic and achieve your favorite content creators’ level

Since we learn from the experts, we can replicate the strategy of several of the most-viewed content creators and influencers. Subtitles can be the cornerstone of this strategy as they catalyze the transformation of casual viewers into a devoted online community. Experience the magic as your content captivates and generates higher engagement, driving your brand's digital influence to the Mr. Beast levels. Elevate your content strategy with Submagic, attract a wider audience, and build a loyal community of followers.
Skyrocket your social medias statistics
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The top auto subtitle generator for your videos

In an era where diverse global audiences consume content, subtitles break down language barriers, making your videos universally accessible. Leading the subtitling revolution is Submagic, a cutting-edge AI subtitle generator designed to redefine the video viewing experience on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. Subtitles improve comprehension, viewer retention, and engagement with video content. Captions are powerful marketing tools, boosting search engine optimization (SEO) and viewership across a broader demographic range.
This subtitle generator online tool supports popular video formats like MP4 and MOV, ideal for Apple QuickTime movie files. Submagic is multilingual, offering over 48 languages, ensuring inclusivity to help you reach a wider audience and tap into diverse markets. Whether you aim to increase engagement or enhance your storytelling, Submagic AI subtitle generator stands as a beacon of tech innovation, setting the course for a more inclusive and engaging future for content creation.

Automatically generate subtitles with Submagic

How to use an AI subtitle generator? (Full guide)

Upload your video on Submagic

Adding subtitles to your videos using Submagic

It takes just one minute for Submagic to generate your subtitles. Whether your video is in MP4 or MOV format (ideal for Apple QuickTime movie files), we got you covered. Click “Create my video now,” either click or drag/drop your video, and choose from over 48+ languages. Our magic generates subtitles in just 30 seconds.

Select your language on Submagic

Review and edit captions. Personalize your captions, add emojis, and change the color font

Customize the color of your captions, add animated emojis, and select your preferred subtitle font and animation – all in just one click. See your edits in real time in our AI subtitle generator!

Download your video on Submagic

Download your video with automatic subtitles

Simply click 'Export' to download it effortlessly from your desktop or mobile device. And if you want to give it a final once-over before downloading, no worries! Save your project, take your time to proofread, and then feel free to leave the page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can AI help with subtitles?

Yes, AI can help with subtitles. AI subtitle generator software is becoming increasingly popular and used by many organizations, including media companies, educational institutions, and businesses. AI-powered subtitling solutions accurately generate subtitles in several languages.

What is the best AI for subtitling?

The best AI for subtitles is Submagic. It is an AI-powered subtitling solution that can generate subtitles in over 48 languages. It is accurate, fast, and easy to use.

How to create AI subtitles?

Create AI automatic subtitles with Submagic. Upload your video file and choose your preferred language. Submagic will generate subtitles in less than 2 minutes. Review, edit, and download the video with accurate subtitles.